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20 Objects of Peace: Don’t Attack Iraq Poster

December 17, 20203:46 pmSeptember 22, 2023 3:50 pmLeave a Comment

The Peace Museum has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help build The Peace Museum of the Future. As part of the campaign 20 ambassadors have chosen an object from our collection to talk about its importance in the history of peace and why it is significant to them.

Evie Manning from Commonwealth Theatre has chosen this Don’t Attack Iraq Poster produced by the Stop the War Coalition.

“This Don’t Attack Iraq poster is important because we must remember protest marches, the energy of them and how we’re making history all the time and to protect and celebrate that. I was at this march and would have been surrounded by so many banners and iconography – this poster is like a portal to the day, that feeling of everyone coming together in anger and hope, massive thanks to the Peace Museum for fostering and safeguarding those two important emotions for us to reflect on and cherish today and for the future!”

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Written by Ezra Kingston

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