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Read about the importance of The Peace Museum and it’s collection from noted local and national figures who are fans of the museum.

“The Peace Museum writes into history the largely unknown and ignored histories of peace movements, its history and creativity, and fosters creating cultures of peace locally and globally. I found visiting its gallery in Bradford city centre inspirational and its exhibits engage the visitor, encouraging each of us to “give peace a chance.”

Dr Joyce Aspel – Clinical Professor, New York University

“The Peace Museum is an almost unknown national treasure. Peace work does not hit headlines but here, in one place, there is rich evidence of so much hard work over so many years by so many people working for a fairer and less violent world. Make your visit a 2016 priority.”

Bruce Kent – Former Vice-President of CND

“A hidden gem. Seek it out and you will be richly rewarded by the Museum’s remarkable collections, bringing history and activism to life in an unrivalled fashion.” 

Kate Hudson – General Secretary of CND

“The Peace Museum is a national treasure trove of peace artefacts and stories. It’s a valuable educational tool for children and adults alike, allowing us all the explore the people who have fought so hard to end extremism, conflict, violence, war and inequality. The museum has big ambitions and some great ideas about how they can reach even more people, using the latest technology, alongside its traditional exhibitions.”

Judith Cummins MP – Member of Parliament for Bradford South

“The Peace Museum is unique in the UK and is a treasure trove of stories and artefacts that inspire Peace. I’m proud that a Muslim woman (Shireen Shah) proposed the idea of a Museum in Bradford. In these uncertain times the hope of peace and a better world needs to be kept alive.”

Naz Shah MP – Member of Parliament for Bradford West

“The Peace Museum is consistently inspiring. It shows how people in so many places persist in opposing war and, just as important, work to build more peaceful and just societies.”

Professor Paul Rogers – Peace Studies Department, Bradford University

“There are many museums dedicated to war, very few to peace. The Peace Museum is not just a vital resource but also a vital reminder of the individuals who dedicate their lives to the idea that we must never give up on finding a peaceful answer to the problems the world faces.”

Will Ellsworth-Jones – Journalist and Author of We Will Not Fight