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An Olympic Relay Torch Joins the Collection

December 1, 201611:06 amSeptember 25, 2023 11:08 amLeave a Comment

On October the 16th at the Routes to Peace Pre-Launch,  the Museum accepted a new item to the collection. Kindly donated by Brenda Thomson this Olympic Relay Torch was carried through Batley, West Yorkshire on the 25th July, in the build up to London 2012. It is currently on display in the Museum’s temporary exhibition area, along with information about why Brenda was chosen as a torch bearer in recognition of her attempts to eradicate racism and promote equality and cohesion. The Olympic Relay Torch is not just for display purposes. It will also be used with children and young people, in schools, colleges and at the Museum as part of our education provision.

Written by Ezra Kingston

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