Translating Peace

With our Defining Peace exhibition drawing to a close, we wanted to reflect this month on the different words people have used around the world to mean peace. Read more

Bradford City of Sanctuary - Refugee Week 2022

At the end of last month, Bradford was announced as City of Culture 2025. This month, and this refugee week, we wanted to celebrate one of the things that makes the district so special, and such a unique cultural hub: its history as a City of Sanctuary. Read more

Protest and accessibility

One of the objects in our new Defining Peace exhibition is a hard hat, which was used by a protestor in place of a placard as they were unable to carry one. For this month’s blog post we wanted to look at the challenges faced by disabled protestors, and how such an important form of campaigning might be made more accessible. Read more

International peace movements and the tradition of Easter marches

The origin of the Easter march tradition is something we have explored in previous blog posts, and through various exhibitions at the museum; it is well represented in our collections. However, something that we haven’t explored in much detail is how widespread this tradition became internationally, and what it looks like today. Read more

Badges, Peace and Protest - March 2022

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Greenham Common Peace camp, The Peace Museum worked with artist Layla Khoo in 2021, inviting members of the public to come and make their own protest badges. The badges that were made at these events are now being featured on our website, as part of their own mini exhibition. To celebrate, Emilia Bazydlo, one of our volunteers, has selected some of her favourite badges from our collection, and written about the significance of each of them. Read more

LGBTHM 2022: Why do we include LGBTQ+ rights in peace history?

With LGBTQ+ History Month coming to an end, and the museum’s Peace Out exhibition finishing its stay at the Equity Centre in Bradford, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the impact of the exhibition, and why LGBTQ+ stories are vital to a peace collection. Read more

Holocaust Memorial Day 2022: Remembering Bradford's Jewish Refugees

Read the stories of two Jewish refugees who came to Bradford in the build-up to WWII. Read more

The Linen Memorial

This blog post is about an item we were thrilled to accept into our collection in 2020: The Linen Memorial. Read about the artist, Lycia Trouton, and the historical inspiration behind her piece. Read more

Champions of Peace: Reflecting on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games over, and the Paralympic Games starting soon, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of the wonderful moments of peace-making that we’ve seen so far. Read more

Remembering Srebrenica 2021

This year, The Peace Museum participated in an event commemorating the Srebrenica massacre in Bradford city centre, in which organisations from across West Yorkshire and Kirklees decorated flower boxes with messages of remembrance and hope. Read more

Conscientious Objectors Day Blog 2021 - Autograph Book from Wakefield Work Centre

A blog post for Conscientious Objectors' Day 2021 exploring one of the museum's new acquisitions: an autograph book signed by conscientious objectors at Wakefield Work House during the First World War. Read more

2020 Objects of Peace: Maureen McDonnell Photographs

As part of our #SupportOurMuseums crowdfunding campaign to help build the future of The Peace Museum, 20 ambassadors have chosen 20 objects from our collection. Read more