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“Wash our hands of Trident to fight Covid-19” – CND

#HealthcareNotWelfare – Peace Pledge Union

#NHSNotNuclear – CND 

#CutWarNotWelfare – Stop the War Coalition

These are just some of the slogans and campaigns used by peace groups like Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Peace Pledge Union and the Stop the War Coalition during the covid-19 crisis. Whilst they have continued their campaigns against nuclear weapons and war for many years they have adapted their message in the context of the pandemic arguing that now more than ever, public funds should not be spent on weaponry and war. Funds should instead be diverted to support the healthcare system so it can cope with the pandemic and be strengthened for the future. The PPU on April 10th and May 9th held Global Days of Action on military spending, showing that the need for there to be a global response to the pandemic, not just in the UK. Such groups have also continued to campaign for the renunciation of war as conflict continues in areas such as Yemen, and backed a UN call for a Global Ceasefire. 

‘Cut War Not Welfare’ placard from Stop the War Coalition

Pictures from a demonstration at Leeds Royal Infirmary on 5th July 2020, on what was the NHS’S 72nd Birthday. Credit: David Webb

Image: Rachel Melly and Peace Pledge Union

Here you can read an open letter backed by many organisations and individuals from the peace movement about military spending and the covid-19 pandemic. Open_letter_on_military_spending_and_the_Covid_19_pandemic.docx

You can find out more about these campaigns by following these links;