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Introduction – Protest in Lockdown

This section will be our biggest strand that will be ongoing and will explore how individuals and groups are continuing their work to peacefully protest and/or show solidarity with protest movements from home. It will explore how some groups such as CND are framing the crisis in the context of the global threat of nuclear weapons, calling for the renunciation of war and diverting public funds from nuclear weapons programmes to supporting the health service. It will include groups focused on the climate crisis, and the ways in which they are responding to the covid-19 pandemic. It will feature movements like Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ Pride showing how people are continuing to campaign about social justice issues, despite the lockdown, in the hope of a more peaceful and just world for everyone. 

Peaceful Protest in Lockdown

How can we peacefully protest and/or show our solidarity with peace efforts whilst in isolation?

Many groups globally have continued to peacefully protest and campaign from home during lockdown on a range of issues linking to the environment, an end to nuclear weapons and warfare, and social justice. This marks a pivotal moment in the history of peaceful protest which usually relies on public displays and impactful actions that can be seen by many. 

So how have groups adapted their campaigns to reflect the new socially distanced normal? What about when a moment of urgency requires breaking lockdown? Go back to Peaceful Protest main page and see the different campaigns and topics featured. 

Image Banner Credit: Pictures from a demonstration at Leeds Royal Infirmary on 5th July 2020, on what was the NHS’S 72nd Birthday. Credit: David Webb