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Introduction to A Global Effort

This section is going to look at the global response and link to our collection. The pandemic is a reminder that in times of crisis, national responses are not enough and global action is required. Covid-19 is undoubtedly affecting some communities more than others, but a virus is not something that can be held back by arbitrary barriers. Countries must work together to coordinate efforts to stop the spread of the virus and scientists from across the globe will be collaborating to try and find a vaccine.

During the Cold War, the world faced a global threat of nuclear weapons and our collection tells the story of those who peacefully campaigned to the global community to bring an end to this threat, such as groups like CND and the women at Greenham. These grassroots efforts grew, creating national and international links, encouraging the global efforts to bring in treaties and agreements to limit nuclear weapons and bring an end to the intense nuclear threat during the Cold War. CND and other campaign groups still exist today, as the nuclear threat continues. We will explore how CND has been campaigning during lockdown in Peaceful Protest in Lockdown. We will use our collection to explore how global movements can be effective and link it to the current crisis.