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Greenham Banner at Tate Liverpool for Radical Landscapes Exhibition

May 13, 202210:23 amSeptember 29, 2023 10:26 am

A banner from The Peace Museum collection is currently on display as part of the Radical Landscapes exhibition at Tate Liverpool.

Radical landscapes, an exhibition that opened earlier this month and runs until September 4th, looks at the British landscape from a different perspective. It contains over 150 artworks that explore themes such as activism, trespass and the climate emergency, and how people move through and respond to the country’s natural environment.

Included in this exhibition is an exploration of anti-nuclear activism in the UK, especially the protest camps at Greenham Common. The museum has loaned the Tate one of our banners from Greenham Common: one of Thalia Campbell’s beautiful depictions of the peace camp. This banner was made by Thalia in collaboration with Mary Coughlan, and features the iconic image of women linking hands in a circle that was often associated with Greenham.

Banner by Thalia Campbell Designs and Mary Coughlan, 1987

We are delighted that the banner will be on display at the Tate Liverpool throughout the exhibition alongside works from Jeremy Deller, Ingrid Pollard, Tanoa Sasraku, Claude Cahun, and many more.

Find out more about the Radical Landscapes exhibition at: Radical Landscapes, The Tate

You can read more about this banner, and others created by Thalia, on our collections site: Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp (

Written by Ezra Kingston