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Object of the Fortnight 04/10/2013

October 4, 20133:27 pmSeptember 25, 2023 3:29 pmLeave a Comment

This month is Black History Month. A dear friend of the Peace Museum, Thalia Campbell, has very kindly loaned us a banner which has nicely coincided with Black History Month. We are very proud to have given this banner a temporary home and it is on display at the Peace Museum for visitors to see.

Thalia Campbell Designs. 

Banner made by Thalia and Ian Campbell, carried at the head of a march in London by world leaders. Thalia with husband Ian, both talented banner-makers, made the large banner in 1988 as a tribute to Nelson Mandela for his 70th birthday, as commissioned by the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM). The AMM were a British group that were integral in achieving the abolition of the Apartheid due to their activism. The banner was carried by world dignitaries, such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, at the front of a march through London as part of the birthday tributes. Another tribute was a major televised concert that took place at Wembley with various artists performing, such as Stevie Wonder, U2 and Whitney Houston. Mandela is one of Black History Month’s heroes due to his dedication (despite the struggles and obstacles he faced) in bringing about the abolition of the Apartheid in South Africa, which restricted the civil rights of non-white South Africans. 

Written by Ezra Kingston

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