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Object of the Fortnight 26/07/13

July 26, 20133:36 pmSeptember 25, 2023 3:39 pmLeave a Comment

GLUE ME PEACE POSTER A new temporary exhibition about Nobel Peace Prize winners is now on show! This exhibition highlights some of the achievements and work by several Nobel Peace Prize winners with objects on display from our collections, such as Nobel Peace Prize medals, peace posters and commemorative artefacts. One object on display is the Glue Me Peace Poster.  This poster was created by artist Meschac Gaba in 2005. The poster illustrates the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize through a chronological collage of the winning individuals’ nationality flag or organisation’s logo, from Henry Dunant (the first winner) in 1901 to the 2004 Kenyan winner, Wangari Maathai.

On the flags and logos are quotes from the winners. Quotes such as “Peace is and has always been, the ultimate human aspiration” by United Nations Peace Keeping Forces (1988 winner) and “My Third appeal is to my fellow citizens in all countries: Help us to establish lasting peace in the World” by Joseph Rotblat (1995 winner with the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs). Rotblat’s graduation gown can also be seen in the exhibition. Why not take a look at the poster and see what it tells you about the Nobel Peace Prize winners? Which nation’s flag appears the most? Has an organisation or individual won it more than once? Are there any surprise or controversial winners? 

Photo of Glue Me Peace Poster on display in Nobel Peace Prize exhibition

Written by Ezra Kingston

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