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60 Years of CND

January 12, 201812:16 pmSeptember 28, 2023 12:18 pm

Past temporary exhibition opened Friday 12th January,  until Friday 23rd February 2018

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was launched 60 years ago this year at a public meeting in London on 17th February 1958. At the time many nations had begun to procure their own nuclear weapons, following the use of the first atomic bombs by the USA in 1945, and there was a real fear of a nuclear war. Over 5,000 people attended CND’s first meeting, including academics, artists, scientists and politicians and it soon grew to become the largest single-issue campaign organisation in Europe.

The exhibition will explore the dynamic 60 year history of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament from its founding in February 1958 until the present day and will include campaign materials, such as, posters, placards, banners and badges.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a copy of the original design for the symbol for CND, created by the artist and peace campaigner Gerald Holtom in 1958. The symbol was never copyrighted and following the large publicity and support surrounding the campaign, the symbol became known and adopted across the world as a universal symbol of peace.

The exhibition opened on Friday 12th January, with a free drop in event between 4pm – 6pm, at The Peace Museum.  It was a chance for visitors to experience a first view of the new exhibit, speak to staff and enjoy some refreshments.

The exhibition will run until the end of February.

Group bookings welcome and guided tours available on request.

Written by Ezra Kingston