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Faith and Peace: Perspectives from Three Religions

June 28, 201811:20 amSeptember 28, 2023 11:29 am


A national exhibition on peace and peacemakers in Abrahamic religions, with creative art by women from mixed-faith groups in Bradford. 

‘Faith and Peace’ is a touring exhibition, produced in collaboration between the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship and The Peace Museum. It was exhibited in 2018 at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, and at Ely Cathedral. 

The aim of the exhibition is to inform visitors with the potential for peace in Abrahamic religions, so often perceived as sources of violence.

A set of illustrated panels gives an informative glimpse into Judaism, Christianity and Islam as religions for peace. Female and male peacemakers of each faith are highlighted, as is each faith’s tradition of respect and hospitality for each other, for refugees and strangers. The panels are illustrated by images from The Peace Museum, collection.

The exhibition includes artwork created by groups of women of different class, culture, faith and ethnicity. The artwork reflect the women’s own experience of conflict and their longing for peace. The creation of these works of art has itself been a process of peace-making and hope.


“A thought-provoking exhibition, and great use of creativity”

“Very moving and well-presented”

[Comments from the visitors book]

“We were delighted to host Faith and Peace: Perspectives from Three Religions at Christ Church Cathedral during Remembrancetide 2017. Both authoritative and attractive, the exhibition provoked interest and debate among our visitors and was much appreciated by our volunteer guides as a focus for conversation. It was a pleasure to work with APF and with The Peace Museum on this very worthwhile project.”

 [The Sub-Dean, Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford]

We are happy to be able to offer downloaded resources from the exhibition including:

 -Exhibition as downloadable PDF

– Exhibition guide as downloadable PDF

– Education resources as downloadable PDF

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Written by Ezra Kingston