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No Pride in War – Reflections on Pride

September 5, 201910:51 amSeptember 28, 2023 10:53 am

Past event- Peace Out Exhibition 

As part of our exhibition Peace OUT – exploring LGBTQ+ activism and peacemaking we invite you to No Pride in War – Reflections on Pride, an informal discussion event reflecting on this year’s Pride season.

Join us on Thursday 5th September at The Peace Museum for this informal talk. 

Speakers from The Peace Museum, Peace Pledge Union and Alternative Pride Leeds will be discussing Pride’s role as a protest and the increasing corporatisation of the pride movement by companies like Tesco, Barclays and even arms manufacturers.

Plus find out more about Common Wealth Theatre Co’s new production – I HAVE MET THE ENEMY (and the enemy is us) exploring the UK arms trade and its impact around the world.

Written by Ezra Kingston