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Paper Peace: BLINK Dewsbury

November 9, 201910:48 amSeptember 28, 2023 10:51 am

Past event: Paper Peace: BLINK Dewsbury

We’re so excited to have been a part of the Paper Peace project from London based arts company Emergency Exit Arts. Paper Peace is a national programme of activity exploring the UK’s peace heritage. As the lead heritage partner, we have used our collection to inspire different projects as part of Paper Peace such as BLINK, a series of artworks inspired by peacebuilders and activists which will be visiting Dewsbury on 9th November.

BLINK is a free, walk-through experience that invites people of all ages to see peace differently.

Enter the five eyes of BLINK to play with a giant kaleidoscope, work with others to build a giant boat and record your messages of hope for the future.

9th November, Dewsbury town centre. Find out more info here

Written by Ezra Kingston