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#PMCreativeChallenge: Week 3

June 14, 20209:15 amSeptember 28, 2023 9:18 am

This week’s The Peace Museum Creative Challenge is inspired by Axel Landmann’s Kindertransport suitcase – one of the most special objects in the museum’s collection.

For this #PMCreativeChallenge, we’re doing a mindfulness drawing exercise thinking about objects we would take in our imaginary suitcase. The objects we collect will be almost like a museum to ourselves, the objects you choose will be very different to what someone else chooses and a reflection our life and personalities. 

Choosing objects for the suitcase is something we do with children in the museum as part of our education programme, to help them reflect on the issues refugees face and imagine making a new life in a new place.

Quick Drawing

We start with a Quick Drawing warm up. Draw the shapes of the objects, don’t worry about the detail.

Still Life Drawing

This is the longer one – set some time aside so you can take your time and think about the details. Think about the different textures of the different objects as you draw them.

Think about what the objects mean to you as you draw them. The memories that come up. Can you draw that feeling? 

Find out more about the story of Axel Landmann in this video.

Written by Ezra Kingston