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#PMCreativeChallenge Week 4: Rainbows

June 21, 20209:24 amSeptember 28, 2023 1:54 pm

For this Peace Museum Creative Challenge we are taking inspiration from the most enigmatic of weather phenomena, the rainbow! This week we celebrate the 42nd anniversary of the LGBTQ+ rainbow pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker. 

Gilbert designed the pride flag on 25th June 1978 in response to a need for a symbol that could be used year after year at pride marches. The rainbow is also used as a peace symbol in many banners we have in our collection, like this one from The Baildon Peace Group.

Baildon Peace Group Banner with rainbow

In recent months, the rainbow has also become a symbol of hope during the covid-19 pandemic, with people displaying drawings in their windows. What do rainbows symbolise to you? 

You will need paper, a pencil, watercolours and a brush.

  1. Start by doing a quick drawing in pencil of a memory you have of seeing a rainbow. It could be from last week or many years ago.
  2. Each of the colours of the LGBTQ+ flag has a different meaning. Today I’m using paint so I’m going to mix each of the colours and write down next to them what meanings or emotions they represent to you.
  3. Now spend some time enjoying your materials whilst drawing rainbows. Use your memory drawing as inspiration but this time you can use your imagination. Where is this rainbow? What time of day is it? What does the sky look like? You might like to do one big drawing or lots of little ones. Experiment with how much water you use, let the colours blend into each other.
    Experiment with different rainbow drawings and have fun!
  4. Stick your drawings on your window or your wall so you can soak up their positive vibes. Nancy stuck her’s up in her bathroom so she can look at it whilst she’s brushing her teeth.
Written by Ezra Kingston