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Travelling Exhibitions

January 28, 20188:46 amSeptember 28, 2023 8:52 am

The Peace Museum has seven travelling exhibitions that are available for loan by an organisation/individual for the purposes of a short-term display. We do not charge for this service; however the borrower must cover postage and packaging costs. In addition, as the Museum is a charity, a donation which would cover staff time in arranging the loan would be most welcomed.

To discuss the loaning of our travelling exhibitions, please contact The Peace Museum Team by email at [email protected].

‘Champions of Peace’: Nobel’s Peace Prize: The First 100 Years

A critical appreciation of how the prize came about, including information on the Nobel Peace prize winners and the controversies surrounding them.

33 A2 size panels.

‘Leeds City of Peace’

This looks at the past and present peace activities in the city of Leeds.

Seven A2 size panels.

‘A Vision Shared’: Art from the History of the Peace Movement

An artistic and informative overview of peace challenges and peace movements over the last century.

Forty eight A3 panels.

A5 version also available.

‘Peace of Yorkshire’

The Ridings in War and Peace examines the work to build a better society in the county, from early peace activists, peace societies and social reformers to the present day.

24 A2 size panels

‘Playing for Peace’

Explores how the Olympic and Paralympic Values may create a more peaceful world. It considers the role of sport in breaking down barriers between people and promoting peace by bringing different people and cultures together to discover what they have in common.

24 A2 size panels

‘Ending War, Imagining Peace: Germany 1918’

Explores WW1 from the perspective of Germany civilians, especially German women. This exhibition asks what did these German women do during the revolution and after the war? What kind of peace did they want? How different was it from the kind of peace that the men at Versailles imposed in 1919?

20 A2 size panels.

‘A Flawed Peace?’

An exhibition exploring post-war peace. A Flawed Peace focusses on both heritage of the war and heritage of the peace. It looks at perspectives from different nations, peace groups and individuals.

13 A2 panels (H59 X W42 CMS)

AFP on display at The Peace Museum, note that travelling exhibition only comes with the boards

Written by Ezra Kingston