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Road to Recovery

Road to Recovery, a project led by poet Sharena Lee Satti, united artists to share a message to anyone struggling with mental health during and after the lockdown.

“Since lockdown I know this period has been tough for us all, isolation has a huge impact on people and it’s important through these difficult times we can still share our positive messages, positive thoughts, because people need to hear them. Words are significant and right now it’s all many have, living in this digital world. Naturally being a poet, in this period I have wrote many pieces about my experiences, which I now share via online platforms, which sparked an idea of spreading our own positive messages in a short poem or video.” Sharena Lee Satti

Poets, Artists, Dancer contributions: Asma Malik, Dawn Torrens, Eric E Ruff, David Driver, Halima Mayat, Irene Lofthouse, Jennifer Clarke, Keiron Higgings, Laura Baldwin, Leanne Neill, Maria Byrne, Nabeela Ahmed, Pauline Seawards, Rose Condo, Sharena Lee Satti, Sophie Hutchinson, Sophie Sparham, Steven Burton, Steven Willams, Trevor Wainwright,  Artist: Tzen Tze Re Rei Song by Loli Cosmica Video Editor Richard McLachlan.