Sessions for KS1, KS2 and KS3 either at the museum or in your school. The information detailing the School Programme can be found below, or alternatively download our brochure here: The Peace Museum School Programme


The Peace Museum is still offering the below programme as usual from September 2020 but with IN SCHOOL sessions only, until the situation improves. Sessions will be adapted to be covid-secure with one member of staff from the museum delivering. Detailed discussions and risk assessments will be done prior to each visit to ensure the safety of the pupils, teachers and museum staff. Please get in touch with our Learning and Engagement Officer [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

We are working on digital resources and resource packs for schools. We are willing and flexible to support schools in the ways that will work best for their individual needs. Please get in touch to discuss how we can use our collection and expertise to support you.

School Programme

The objective of our school workshops is to inspire pupils to think about peace and peace making. The practical and cross-curricular workshops also include the opportunity for pupils to handle Museum objects.  Workshops can be delivered at the Museum or as an Outreach session at your school.  Sessions are available for KS1, KS2 and KS3.

Trails and Resources Trails and other resources are available to support a visit to the Museum, please ask for more information.

Watch this video to learn more about what we offer!

Workshops & Prices

Workshops are 2 hours long (excluding the Treaty of Versailles workshop for KS3). We can adapt sessions to include break times if required. Prices are set, there is no minimum number of pupils. Workshops have a maximum of 35 pupils. KS1, KS2 and the KS3 Words of War workshops at the Museum are £70 and workshops delivered at your School are £90 plus travel expenses. The Treaty of Versailles workshop can be delivered either as 3 hour half day workshop, or as a full day session, see below for prices.

All workshops are supported by Risk Assessments, Teacher Notes and Helper Notes which are given upon booking.


KS1 and KS2 Workshops

Poppies, Remembrance and War Horses Suitable for KS2 | 2 hours

The workshop explores the theme of remembrance, the significance of the red, white and purple poppies and explores the familiar story of Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse and the real life story of Bradford’s very own warhorse ‘Spare Parts’. It also covers the history of the First World War. It involves a discussion surrounding what remembrance is, ways to remember, and why we remember, followed by a poppy making session. It highlights themes such as choice and friendship and encourages children to discuss and express what is important to them, through a symbol designing activity.

National Curriculum Links: History, Literacy. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: Poppies for Remembrance National Curriculum Links


Everyone Comes From Somewhere Suitable for KS2 | 2 hours

Pupils discover Bradford’s history as a place of refuge and settlement, through a costumed timeline activity beginning with Prehistoric Yorkshire. This will set the scene to exploring the suitcase and story of a nine year old Jewish boy who arrived in Britain, along with 10,000 other refugee children from Nazi Germany in 1938, as part of the Kindertransport prior to the Second World War. Pupils will reflect on the issues of making a new life in a new place and create their own collage artwork, displaying their ideas about what is special about Bradford to welcome people to the city.

NB. this session can be adapted for schools visiting from outside of Bradford.

National Curriculum Links: History, Geography, Art & Design, Citizenship. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: Everyone Comes From Somewhere National Curriculum Links


Peaceful Citizens Suitable for KS1 and KS2| 2 hours

This session asks pupils to reflect on what peace means and how we can be Peaceful Citizens. Pupils discover the stories of past and present peacemakers, peace organisations and peace campaigns through the Museum’s collections. Fun and practical activities will prompt pupils to think about their own individual peacefulness, as well as the value of peaceful relationships with friends and others in the community. Together the pupils will create and sign a Class Pledge for Peace.

National Curriculum Links: History, Citizenship. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: Peaceful Citizens National Curriculum Links


The Right to Peace Suitable for KS2 | 2 hours

This workshop covers children’s rights, human rights and the link between the idea of universal human rights and a peaceful world. It includes local history discussing the actions of social reformers such as William Forster and Margaret Macmillan in improving the lives of children and improving access to education for all.

National Curriculum Links: Citizenship, PSHCE, History. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: The Right to Peace National Curriculum Links


Caring For Our World Suitable for KS1 and KS2 | 2 hours

Pupils are prompted to think about why it is important to look after the environment, before discovering the stories of environmental and peace campaigns, including the anti-nuclear movement and the Hockney family, through the Museum collections and displays. We will discuss what issues are affecting our environment today and how we can help protect our world. In groups, pupils will explore current environmental campaigns then choose one issue to base their own campaign upon, creating a slogan, banner and badge.

National Curriculum Links: Science, Geography, History, Art & Design, Citizenship. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: Caring For Our World National Curriculum Links


The Art of Peace Suitable for KS2 | 2 hours

Pupils will find out about local Bradford artist David Hockney and his story as a peace maker, before exploring peace symbols and artworks in the Museum collection. Using their new knowledge pupils will create their own individual artworks to symbolise or tell their own stories about peace, inspired by Hockney’s styles and techniques.

This workshop could support Arts Award.

National Curriculum Links: Art & Design, Citizenship. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: The Art of Peace National Curriculum Links



Words of War: Voices of the Poets of WWI | 2 hours at the museum

Pupils will discover the history of the First World War before being introduced to three famous war poets, John McCrae, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. They will analyse some of their poetry, before being inspired by real objects from the war that are part of The Peace Museum collection and the voices of the soldiers of the war, to write their own poetry. This workshop supports the English and History curriculum and encourages creative writing.

National Curriculum Links: English, History and Citizenship. A full list of curriculum links can be downloaded here: Words of War National Curriculum Links


The Treaty of Versailles- Reparation, Restitution, Restoration Suitable for KS3| 3 hour half-day workshop, or full day workshop of two 2.5 hour sessions

Price: Half Day, £80 at the museum or £100 plus travel expenses at your school. Full day, £130 at the museum or £150 plus travel at your school.

How is conflict most effectively resolved? 

Rooted in the centenary of the end of the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles, pupils use a range of historical sources to evaluate the effectiveness of the Treaty of Versailles. Through their application of historical concepts of motive and cause and consequence, pupils will then make connections and draw contrasts with contemporary conflict in order to create their own solutions to conflict within schools and local communities.

National Curriculum Links: History, Citizenship and SMSC. A full list of National Curriculum Links can be downloaded here: Treaty of Versailles National Curriculum Links



Routes to Peace Heritage Trail Suitable for all Key Stages | All day

Groups begin their day at the Museum and spend around one hour on a guided tour of our exhibitions with a member of staff. Teachers then begin the trail which involves visiting places of interest within Bradford city centre and the surrounding area. The trail is approximately 2.5 miles long, which takes around 90 minutes to complete. Teachers complete half of the trail in the morning, take lunch at the Peace Museum and complete the trail in the afternoon. A downloadable copy of the trail guidebook is available here.

£50 per session per class.

This session can be delivered in classroom as a 'guided tour' in the Bradford City of Peace session for KS2. Pupils will discover some important places in Bradford relating to famous Bradfordians such as Margaret Macmillan, Richard Cobden and William Forster. This can ties in to local history curriculums, citizenship and British values. £90 per session in school plus travel. 

We also offer a Museum Discovery Session which can be adapted for KS3. We can do assemblies within school, linking to the core themes of the workshop. Contact the Learning Officer to discuss requirements.


Museum Admission

Admission to the Museum is free and we are open on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays (10am – 4pm). Other times may be available upon request. We request that school groups pre-book visits.


Please note that the Museum is on an upper floor, with currently no wheelchair access.


To Book or discuss your requirements

Please fill in an enquiry form to send to the Learning and Engagement Officer; Education Session Enquiry Form

Contact Shannen Johnson, Learning and Engagement Officer 01274 780 241 | [email protected]

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