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Work Placement Student Blog – Hosaam Qureshi

May 1, 201710:48 amSeptember 25, 2023 10:50 amLeave a Comment

Reflections of a work placement student

Hosaam Qureshi, a Level 1 Travel and Tourism student from Bradford College, recently undertook a work placement here at The Peace Museum to give him experience of working within a museum environment.

Here are some of his reflections about his time here and his favourite objects;

“What I have done in my whole life at the Peace Museum is that I have done so much work for today by enlisting the top ten objects from each 5 of those displays so I can do some research about the items that symbolises peace or representing the story of famous peace keepers. Not only that, I have done a lot of work with my mind to keep my confidence, happiness, kindness and respectfulness stronger without hesitation as well as earning my employer’s and her staff’s trust. My own essay, folding museum guides and my chosen favourite subject which is the Sadako Sasaki story that became the most tragic history of all because many people believe that the paper cranes was the only way to make a wish to bring her back.  She would still be alive if not the existence of the atomic bombs which was the purpose of targeting Nagasaki and Hiroshima, then everything from both different cities would seem peacefully.

The most tasks I enjoyed the most is laminating the photos of the events which took place in the museum and the most important thing I learned about is Japanese history because it was the only way to help me into my future career as my tour guide.”

“My story about the Bradford Peace Museum is the fact that it was the first time visiting to the place in two years to see what it looks like from the outside. As I went inside, I realise it was not a building from the outside but on the second floor. So I decided to walk up the stairs and found the museum in the area full of exhibiting displays involving the history of the people who can spread the word of love to the world letting flowers, trees, birds appear as the sun shines in the blue sky. When I went to have a look, I was quite fascinating of the displays that represents each peaceful organisations who were dedicating to prevent racism, fascism, usage of nuclear attacks, extremism, radicalisation, wars or conflicts, terrorism and corruptions with the code of non-violence.This museum seems quiet. Too quiet as there are no visitors came to the place with the exception of me. It does not matter as it was quiet to maintain peace without disturbance but I prefer both busy museums and quiet museums because busy museums have a lot of visitors coming in while the other quiet ones are ok because the staff of the Peace Museum and students like myself needed some more time to practice some skills such as guidance in order to maintain confidence, politeness and generosity. Before I leave, my thoughts said to me that in future, maybe someday visitors will come to the museum to understand the key word peace from the past.”

Hosaam Qureshi, May 2017.

Written by Ezra Kingston

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